Comptroller election: “We are correcting errors in the election of the comptroller”: David Racero | 6AM Today by Today

Given the lawsuit that was filed against Roy Barreras and David Racero for allegedly having broke the law With the election of a new list of candidates for comptrollership, the representative to the Chamber assured on Caracol Radio’s 6AM that the only thing they are doing is shielding the process facing the country.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives said that what they are doing is correcting the errors that the judges exhorted to the Congress to be able to remedy, because there were some inconsistencies regarding the issue of gender parity, there was no life weighting of the criteria required by law, and the accidental commission did not know the score of those eligible.

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“What we are doing is correcting what some judges have already ordered regarding the procedure that had been established in the last board of directors. We are safeguarding the choice of controller“, said.

Racero confirmed that neither he nor Roy Barreras will participate in the election of the comptroller, and that Gustavo Petro It has nothing to do with those decisions.

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