Colombians to the United States: In Search of a Dream Turned into a Nightmare | Bogota

The story of Michelle, Dayana and John is just a reflection of what young people who leave Tunjuelito, Usme and Ciudad Bolívar experience, seeking to reach the United States by crossing the border illegally.

Young people who leave Bogotá arrive in Cancún and without a fixed route are “walked” through various Mexican cities and towns, in order to reach the border. Tijuana, Mexicali and Cancun itself are part of the journey, a journey that is not easy.

“This is a big lie, which is to pass and already, one is treated very badly and we go through many scares, I would have known that it was like that I would not have come here, I hope everything we go through is worth it.” Dayana counted.

With the testimonies of the protagonists of these stories, where you can see the harshness of a decision in search of a better future, Caracol Radio made this migration phenomenon known in March 2022.

In the month of May 2022 and having overcome some obstacles, problems, mistreatment and even blows, one of the young people who initially told his story and already established in one of the most important cities in the North American country, told Caracol Radio how continue this adventure. The arrival in the United States was just the beginning of everything.

“As if you had committed a serious crime, one goes out and some are given an ankle bracelet like when there is a conditional release and others are given a tracking cell phone, in our case they gave us the cell phone and we had to take a photo every week with the location on. to verify that we were at the address we had said.” Counted John (as we call him for security reasons), a young man who went to the United States.

The young Colombians who crossed the border between Mexico and the United States say that the decision has been made in the face of the uncertainty they feel about knowing how the country will be, regarding the situation that Colombia is experiencing in the midst of Inflation, the electoral landscape and security guarantees.

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