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Before him economic growth that the country has had, Juan Fernando Vargas, professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad del Rosario, analyzed at 10AM the true behavior that the Colombian economy has had after the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Vargas said that it is very difficult to predict if the country’s economic stability will continue, but if we can talk about the positive behavior What have you had after pandemicbecause there has been a good international movement, a demand that is reflected in the price of raw materials, although it also occurs in a context marked by high poverty and inflation figures.

“The economic growthOr is it bittersweet news because, on the one hand, it is high growth that is largely due to the rebound from the stagnation of the recession that occurred in the pandemic, and on the other hand, it is presented with high numbers of poverty and the lack of structural reforms“, he assured.

For the professor, the country needs reforms that take into account public spending, that generate greater stability and are based on what people really need, because he considers that “Colombia is one of the countries in which equity after public spending does not improvebut it gets worse and this would have to improve due to the way public spending is done”.

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Restoration of relations with Venezuela

For Vargas, the reestablishment of relations with Venezuela It is excellent news for the country, because it is one of the most important commercial centers historically and will benefit Colombian exporters with the rmarket reopening.

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