Colombia women’s team money for winning Copa América: Colombia National Team: How much money will you earn if you are champion of the Copa América? | Sports

The Colombian women’s team will seek to make history this Saturday at the stadium Alfonso Lopez of Bucaramanga, when faced with Brazil at the end of the America Cup. The team of Nelson Abbey seeks to win this tournament for the first time in this category, which would be the greatest achievement in the history of Colombian women’s soccer.

For this edition of the tournament, Conmebol has arranged the highest amount of economic prizes in a contest of the category, of which the Colombian players have already secured a part for being finalists.

The Colombian Football Federation has already secured $500,000 for being in the final, money that will be awarded to the runner-up of the tournament. To win the title, the prize would be multiplied, given that the figure for the winner is 1,500,000 dollars.

Despite being a record figure for women’s football on the continent, there is still a big difference compared to prize awarded to the champion of the last men’s Copa América.

last year toArgentina pocketed 10 million dollars for winning the Cup, 8.5 million more than the winner of this tournament; while Brazil, being runner-up, he received 5 million dollars, 4.5 more than the second in this Cup.

The players of the Colombian Women’s National Team would have already agreed on a series of economic prizes with the Federation for their performance throughout the women’s Copa América, a figure that could improve if they became champions.

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