Colombia and Venezuela meet again for the future: Nicolás Maduro | International

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduroreferred to the meeting held by his chancellor, carlos fariaand the foreign minister designated by the next government of Colombia, Alvaro Leyvaensuring that It was a productive and “virtuous” meeting.

“Venezuela and Colombia met again for the future. (Both nations) must be merged under the ideal of peace, collaboration and integration. (…) It was a virtuous and united meeting in the spirit of Bolívar that tells us that the future to come will be better”, highlighted Maduro.

The Venezuelan president explained that the dialogue between foreign ministers focused on 14 points of bilateral interest focused on aspects such as “peace and security plans for the entire border, the progressive, economic and commercial opening of the border and plans for the future.

Nicolás Maduro thanked the disposition of the incoming Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, for sending his diplomatic representative to resume rapprochement between governments. The president concluded that both countries must march together in favor of peace, integration and cooperation.

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