Colombia 4.0: Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, arrived in Colombia for the IT summit | Click | Technology at Caracol Radio

And as many were expecting, the co-founder of Manzana and founder of Silicon Valley Comic Con, who will be the special guest in the framework of the 12th edition of Columbia 4.0which will take place in corferiasduring May 5, 6 and 7.

Steve Wozniackcomputer engineer, co-founder of Manzana Computer along with Steve Jobs in 1976, and creator of computers Manzana I and Manzana II in the mid-1970s, he will share his experience in the world of creative industries to encourage attendees to perceive technology as a communication tool social progress.

Wozniakthe creator of the first personal computer in history landed this Tuesday in Bogotá, tomorrow to be part of the inauguration of this summit from Columbia 4.0 which will also feature the participation of characters of the stature of Mariano Obeid, director of Killabunnies; Álex Fernández, CEO of Streamline media; Sergio Rincón, Motion Graphics Designer – VFX Composer; JP Sans, head of character animation on The Bad Guys; Benjamin Silva, Digital Director, Global Video Strategy Solutions and Operations at huawei.

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Added to this list Silvina Moschinithe first Latin American woman to lead a company to the status of ‘Unicorn’ and founder of SheWorksamong other guests who will come together to share their experiences in the world of technology and teach attendees how to take digital entrepreneurship to another level.

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