Clan del Golfo: “Each cowardly murder leads to their own death”, Barreras al Clan del Golfo | Politics

With a harsh message from warning to the Gulf Clan, Given the increase in police killings, the president of Congress Roy Barreras He assured that if the criminal gangs intend to start possible negotiations with the State, they must stop their violent and illegal acts.

“The police are being sacrificed in a vile and cowardly manner by the Clan del Golfo, which deserves a forceful response from the Government with all its offensive and legitimate capacity. The Gulf Clan is wrong if you believe that the intention of making peace complete and of allowing them to demobilize, authorizes them to cowardly assassinate”, he affirmed from Santa Marta.

The senator considered that with these actions “the possibility they have of recovering their lives and freedom is endangered, and not ending up in prison, dead or extradited. If the Colombian State offers a possibility of collective submission to justice, it is if they stop killing. They have to stop the killing now”.

In that sense, Barreras sentenced that “each cowardly murder leads to them, to their own prison and to their own death. In my opinion, the eligibility of criminal gangs in ordinary criminal justice, of a project of submission to justice, implies that they stop killing. Do you want to have a chance? Stop killing.”

The declarations of the president of the legislature were given in the framework of a programmatic withdrawal from the Historical Pact, in which they define the priorities of the legislative agenda. For the same reason, they held a minute of silence in memory of the deceased soldiers and Roy assured that one of the priorities will be the reform of the Police, among others, to dignify their living conditions.

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