Child exploitation in Santa Marta: In Santa Marta they would be doping children to use them for begging | Santa Marta

With concern in Santa Marta they have been alerting about a network of parents that is operating in the streets of the city and that instrumentalizes children for begging.

The seriousness of the matter is that, according to a report from the District Attorney, adults they would be drugging the children with unknown substances that they acquire in drugstores in the District.

They do this so that the minors remain sleeping and thus can obtain money from the people who pass through the areas of great affluence.

“In its high percentage it is a migrant population, but in other cases we find from Colombia. Small children who put them to beg, mothers in the day put them to sleep, apparently using drugs”, said Edward Orozco, district representative.

It should be mentioned that the investigation that is aimed at the individualization of the parents is already in process, according to the Personero, who also invited citizens to denounce these facts in order to preserve the life and integrity of children.

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