Chicho Arango Ricardo Márquez Millionaires Gamero: Chicho: “What Márquez is doing is because Gamero taught him a lot” | Present

Cristian ‘Chicho’ Arangofront of Los Angeles F.C. of the mls, talked with The Snail VBar about your current USA, the fact of sharing equipment with Giorgio Chiellini Y Gareth Bale and the good present of Ricardo Marquez, his former partner in Millionaires.

Of the number of Colombians in the mls, commented: “We have quite a few players here in the United States and it’s something to admire that we are promoting Major League Soccer... Soccer here is very intense and with the technical quality that the Colombian soccer player has, if you come and perform here physically you can stand out”.

From Los Angeles, now with Bale and Chiellini, he commented: “right now these great players have arrived who give us a lot of experience and in the locker room they bring a lot. With the arrival of these players, it contributes to what we want, which is the championship”.

And he added of these two signings: “Chiellini is a great person, in the dressing room he will give you too much. He also speaks Spanish and understands himself very well with us; Bale is a great person who, in front of all those stars he has had, does not lose his humility and treats us all the same. He has treated me with a lot of respect here at the club and I know he is going to give us a lot”.

Ricardo Marquez striker

Chicho blamed Alberto Gamero for the good moment of Caballo Márquez with Unión Magdalena. “Professor Gamero, I think he is one of the technicians who will teach you the most, he is a counselor and I think that what Márquez is doing now at the start of the championship is because teacher Gamero has taught him many things and was a pillar for him. Hopefully he just goes and plays six months and can get out.”

“Professor Gamero in the ear tugs he gave him, in what he asked of him in Millonarios, the Horse has always prepared well and I hope that now he can see the fruits of his preparation. Hopefully he will return to Millonarios or some club in Colombia that can export him,” he added.

When asked why he did not perform well in the country’s capital, he said: “more opportunities from the beginning, because whenever he was (Fernando) Uribe It was very difficult to seat Uribe because he was playing and scoring goals. I don’t know if it was a lack of confidence, because all his teammates gave him the confidence he needed. But when we needed him he always gave us too, he was a pillar with what he gave us to reach the final. We hope that right now he gains more confidence, responsibility and can exploit his full potential”.

Fernando Uribe and his moment in Junior

“I have not had the opportunity to talk deeply with him, I would lie to you if I told you something exactly what it was. I could tell you what he did with me, with me he was always a brother on and off the court. He always wanted to make me shine and I always wanted to make him shine.”

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