César Gaviria and Liberalism announce support for Gustavo Petro: César Gaviria and Liberalism announce support for Gustavo Petro | Politics

Through a statement, the Liberal Party confirmed its support from Congress for President-elect Gustavo Petro, and in the future, a coalition in the legislature together with the Historical Pact and the Green Party.

In the letter from the liberal community, a dialogue between the director César Gaviria and the elected president, to meet in the coming days and thus define forces.

“In a talk held with the president-elect Gustavo Petro, in which we express our congratulations on his election, and the intention of the liberal party together with the Historical Pact and the green party to form the Congress coalition. This will allow the president-elect to overcome a political obstacle, and to demonstrate that he will have a coalition in his favor that makes it possible to exercise its status as the winning party in the presidential election, in addition to having the position of president of the Senate, essential to implement his government plan”, is stated in one of the sections of the statement.

On the other hand, the intention of the Liberal Party stands out in having a more direct participation not only in Congress but also within the Government of Gustavo Petro; “Now then, about a possible participation in the government coalition, we are in a position to wait for the position regarding our participation and political representation of the elected president. This will allow us to make a decision on how we are going to collaborate with the Petro government.”

Lastly, they applauded not only Gustavo Petro’s speech last Sunday night after learning of his presidential victory, which according to the community, has liberal overtones, but also for the president-elect’s intention to join forces from what he has calledor “National Agreement”

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