Cali Attack: New attack against the Police, this time in the rural area of ​​Jamundí, Valle | Cali

Athey try against the Potrerito Police substationrural area of ​​the municipality of Jamundí, south of Valle del Cauca.

Three subjects detonated an explosive which, fortunately, did not affect the uniformed men or the community,” confirmed the mayor, Andrés Felipe Ramírez.

in the fast action by the authorities neutralized one of the alleged attackers and they are in search of those who fled.

The situation is under control and the sector is insured by the Public Force.

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“They are prepared to counter any retaliation. As Colombians we must surround the authorities and ask the new president to we long for peace and tranquility in the territories,” added the president of Jamundí.

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