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The laboratory of Bucaramanga Aqueduct detected on Thursday, July 28, something very delicate: the water of the surata river where do you get the 40% of the liquid consumed population of this city, had the highest records of mercury in all the history.

there was no more alternative to suspend the catchment. Fortunately, there are more tributaries supplying the capital of Santanderdeclared the manager of the company, Hernan Clavijo. Caracol Radio learned that behind this fact, there is a freak that is overflowing all boundaries: the illegal mininghim in the moor of Santurbán.

Various sources have indicated that it is not exactly a artisanal miners or some locals who have always scratched the earth looking for gold. It is now a phenomenon big scale with a series of consequences such as affectation to rivers, including the Surata that had never presented such magnitude of traces of mercury.

This fact had been warned last February; but what happened on Thursday was a exceptional circumstanceso much so that the aqueduct was unable to treat Water so contaminated.

It is not the first time that there has been an alert about the overflowed phenomenon of illegal minery in the paramo area, but now there is a warning of a exercise disaffected as a result of the lack of a second delimitation from the wasteland of santurban.

Genny Gamboamayor of Californiathe municipality where most of the gold wealthcriticized the passivity of the Bucaramanga Plateau Defense CorporationCdmb to effect monitoring and evaluations of the tributaries that are born on the top of the Mountain range.

He assures that he does what he can together with the Army and Police in terms of controls commercialization of mercury and dynamite. He claimed that a special plan for the control of illegal minery as was discussed at an event convened by the attorney in the Eloy Valenzuela Botanical Garden from Floridablanca.

In turn, the Army says he tries to control a freak That got out of hand a long time ago. Before he Aqueduct set off the alarms pollution river Surataa miner died Sergio Lizcano in a confusing episode on the sidewalk Narrows. The death of this man by the shot of a rifle generated a protest that ended with the departure of the uniformed of the locality.

The Bucaramanga Plateau Defense Corporation, Cdmb has remained silent, so much so that there was already a strong reprimand of the Attorney General’s Office through one of its delegates, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero. The region’s CAR has a diagnosis about what is happening in the region, but its directors sit with their arms crossed because the matter has borders on a situation of public order by the presence of criminal gangs that as in the case of Antioch they bet him to extract millions not of pesos but of dollars from the gold buried in santurban.

One thing, this year illegal minery in that area they have only been captured two people.

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