Bolívar’s sword, special guest for Petro’s inauguration on August 7 | Politics

In the middle of his intervention in the ‘1st regional dialogue of the Caribbean’, which was led by the Government of the cupcakethe president elect Gustavo Petro revealed that the next August 7thday on which he takes possession, the historical Bolivar’s sword

“There we recovered Bolívar’s sword. It will be on August 7 ”, said the president when greeting ‘Rafa’, the former mayor of Santa Marta and current spokesman for the Citizen Force movement, Raphael Martinez.

This sword is emblematic, among others, because in 1974 was stolen of the Quinta de Bolívar, for the M-19, guerrilla to which Petro belonged at that time.

For that very reason, for the symbolic message, the elected president wants the sword to be present in his possession. Incoming government sources confirmed that it will be transferred from the Presidency to San Carlos Palace, to accompany the route of the future head of state. He will have special protection and later he will rest again in the Casa de Nariño, with his new guest, Gustavo Petro.

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