Bogotá Metro: Property acquired for works on the Bogotá metro has been vandalized | 6AM Today by Today

The residents of the properties acquired for the works of the Bogota Metro They denounce that these have been vandalized, becoming critical points for the disposal of rubble and insecurity. The councilor from Bogota Marisol Gomez Giraldo through a political control debate raised the situation with the manager of the company Meter and to IDUresponsible for said priors.

In 6 AM from Caracol Radio the councilor spoke about the complaint, commenting that next week the company Meter and the IDU They will have to respond to this concern about the properties in another debate.

Gómez explained that the properties are bought by these two entities, which are in charge of demolish, close and deliver to one private security company each of the estates. “Surveillance is seen little in the sector, so the neighbors are very upset. Work must be done so that they want the meter from now on, so that there is a metro culture from now on, but the only thing that the works cause is discomfort”, he affirmed.

Most of the properties have not been handed over to contractors, so the District must answer for the insecurity situation. “There is contracts for 33 billion pesos, which include demolition, cleaning and surveillance. It is not clear what percentage of the money is destined for the surveillanceGomez assured.

“People complain that surveillance is sporadic, and in these places, despite having well-done enclosures, the problem is that the vandalize. People go to sleep there, besides the thieves They hide to attack the neighbors, particularly at night, and that is what we are asking the IDU to respond”, concluded the councilwoman.

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