Bogotá Comptroller’s Office: Comptroller’s Office has not explained in what it will invest $5 billion: Councilors of Bogotá | Bogota

After budget approval for $812 billion pesos for Bogotá, the Council also approved 5 thousand million pesos for the District Comptroller Y 2,500 millions of pesos for the Personality.

According to the council Marisol GomezIn the case of the Comptroller, this entity never explained how these resources will be invested.

“He didn’t even come. district comptroller even though i told him to come to the Bogota Council. He only said that they were for service provision contracts, when he had already spent more than 90% of the money that was given to him for a social rescue project, he spent it in 169 contracts for provision of services” pointed out the lobbyist.

On the other hand, the councilor Carlos Carrillo stated that some councilors would be closely related to the current District Comptroller, Julian Ruiz.

“There was a lot of controversy over the appointment of a Comptroller for rabbits that he has hired in the Comptroller General of the Republic to your friends and family. And now they decide to give him 5 billion pesos”

Caracol Radio consulted the Comptroller and the entity stated that These resources will be invested in strengthening the exercise of fiscal control through audits and increasing its institutional capacity. However, they did not provide more details of the executions for this 2022.

The addition is made to the investment project no. 7627 of strengthening of the integrated management system next, mipg and institutional capacity. Taking into account that the objective of the project is focused to increase institutional capacity based on of the mission of the entity, which is the exercise of fiscal control, in accordance with what is established in goal 6″ says a community member of the entity.

On the other hand, in the News of Half Day of Caracol Radiothe personage Julian Pinilla He stated that the more than 2 billion pesos will be invested in expanding care for the Bogota population.

“We have grown 300% in population care. We are the first responders on migration issues, on victims’ issues, on citizen services. We have a great challenge in continuing to expand coverage for all these rights. We have approximately 8 million inhabitants that we must respond to in different needs” Said the personero Julian Pinilla.

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