Between crying, songs and a lot of love, Darío Gómez came to the burning camera

The coffin of Darío Gómez arrived at 9:30 at night Wednesday at the Yesid Santos Coliseum at the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit. The rain accompanied the caravan from the funeral home located in the north of Medellín to the stadium. The tour was guided by the fire truck and countless fans.

When the hearse arrived other followers were waiting for him with a street of honor and, while they entered the King of Spite into the enclosure, with a lot of feeling they began to sing the best-known songs of the artist. But even before Darío arrived, many had already been waiting for him since Wednesday morning.

I was waiting since seven in the morningI wish I could have been able to arrive earlier, but the obligations did not allow me. I’m staying until Thursday and I come over there on Friday at 5 in the morning to go to Campos de Paz”, said one of the followers.

Another lady said “If we are here from seven in the morning, because for the idol whatever”.

The waiting time to say the last goodbye to the artist was the least of it “It is to make him a small acknowledgment a very heartfelt tribute from many hearts to the king of spite that has generated so much happiness for us”.

“I wanted to say goodbye and say goodbye to the King of Spite ”, added another follower.

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While the family in the middle of the sadness also highlighted what Dario was to them and They celebrated the affection that the people of Antioquia has told his artist. This was stated by William Gómez Zapata, brother.

one of his older sons of the artist’s first marriage, Walter de Jesús Gómez Pineda, stated that I haven’t seen him in person for 2 years.and that he had not spoken with him for about four months, however, he assured that seeing him dead makes him sadbut also joy because he says he was a good father.

“But when he called me we hung out a good time and chattedbecause my dad’s commitments were always very enormous with his public and he had to sacrifice many moments with his family and for that beautiful song that he gave us”, he added.

Although many people came to the coliseum to say goodbye to the artist, one of them is also the singer and known as the queen of popular music, Arelys Henaoshe highlighted the support that Darío Gómez gave her in her beginnings as an artist.

I have been very affected because it has hurt me. He believed in Arelys Henao in the peasant woman, not in the artist that she is now, so one values ​​that very much and my heart aches that he’s gone so soon”.

Precisely the singer with another group of renowned artists of the popular genre will make a concert at the coliseum in honor and as a farewell to Darío Gómez. This event is scheduled for 11 a.m. this Thursday.

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