Banksy Works in Bogotá: ‘Banksy, Genius or Vandal?’ will be in Bogota | Culture

giant rats of 10 meters, in the center of the city, announced their arrival. But it is not surprising, if we think of that occasion in which he entered the Tate Modern in London and the MOMA in New York to hang one of his works.

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Or when he loaded a truck with stuffed animals that were screaming on their way to the slaughterhouse; she destroyed live one of her paintings that had just been auctioned for a million dollars, and replaced some Paris Hilton records with others that looked exactly the same, but had printed phrases questioning her.

That’s how it is banksythe British artist or group of artists, whose identity is unknown, but has become the greatest reference in street art, with works such as Girl with BallonFallen Angels and Monkey Detonator, which will arrive in Bogotá along with another 100 pieces to be part of the exhibition ‘Banksy: Genius or Vandal?‘.

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Starting on October 1, at the National Center for the Arts of the Teatro Colón, Bogota citizens will be able to meet face to face with originals by the artist, which come from private collections and have passed through Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Tokyo, Moscow, and Buenos Aires.

Buying your tickets at from this June 28th.

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