Ban on the sale of milk: In Colombia, the sale of bulk powdered milk would be prohibited | National

The Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz Gomezconfirmed that it is already published for comments the draft of the public policy with which the technical regulation will be updated and the requirements that the milk that comes from animals such as cows, buffalo, and goatswhich is consumed by citizens in Colombia.

With the implementation of the document, it would be The bulk sale of powdered milk is prohibited in the country. Nor will it be allowed, at any stage of the chain of this product, the addition of wheyyes

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The regulations will establish the sanitary requirements and conditions that must be met by the farms where the milk is obtained. Also on these sites the use of veterinary drugs with ICA registration will be required and basic feeding conditions for the animals.

Regarding the transportation of milkthe document establishes that it must be refrigerated at a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius in specialized vehicles and collection centers.

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