Attorney’s Office in Barú: Attorney’s Office requested to evaluate the suspension of tourist activities in Barú | Cartagena

The Attorney General’s Officen asked the district mayor of Cartagena of the Indies, William Jorge Dau Chamat, evaluate the immediate suspension of recreational, sports, social and commercial activities in the urban and rural beaches and public goods, such as maritime waters and low-tide areas, in Playa Blanca, Cholón and other areas.

The request was made by the Cartagena Provincial Attorney’s Office as part of a preventive action, which initiated a surveillance and monitoring process, given the repeated situations of insecurity, which caused the death of a tourist, the frequent accidents, the failures of the water ambulances, the excessive charges and fees for tourist services, drinks and food.

Surveillance and monitoring of health and hygiene conditions in the area, abuse of consumers, excessive noise were also instructed.accidents and incidents due to traffic of motor ships and effects on the environment.

That they ask for

In its communication to the mayor, the Attorney General’s Office urged to extend the suspension until the conditions of use are guaranteed, which requires the characterization and signage of the beaches, surveillance and security for them, regulation of use, regularization of activities, and the effective and real protection of the environment in beach areas and low tide, with the implementation of an environmental management plan.

Likewise, for there to be a definition and control of the load capacity of the beaches, guaranteeing medical assistance and first aid services, maritime ambulance, rescue and lifeguard services, effective protection of service users, real control of tourist boats and recreational motorboats, effective health control, including food and beverages.

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