Attack on the police in the border area: Attack on the police in Catatumbo leaves a uniformed officer injured | Cucuta

A new violent act occurred in the area of ​​El Catatumbo in Norte de Santanderresulting injured a police officer who did surveillance work in this region in the east of the country.

The attack on the security forces occurred in the municipality of El Tarra, where the police station was harassed by members of an armed group outside the law.

Jair Diaz mayor of this town in the east of the country, told Radius Snail that the uniformed man was helped by his companions and He was transferred to a hospital to stabilize him..

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“The information we have is that the police were doing a patrol in the urban areamore exactly on the road that leads to the San Rafael sports center, the authorities were harassed and apparently a sniper hit one of the policemen and he is woundedwe are waiting for the report on the status of this uniformed man” said the president.

The mayor reiterated the call to the armed groups to avoid this type of attack that can affect the civilian population, which ran scared to take shelter in the houses of this town.

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