Attack on Duque: Alert for dissidence plan to attack President Duque | Judicial

The director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, reported that aka ‘John Wicks’, main leader of Front 33 of the armed dissidents, would be planning a new attack against the Republic President, Ivan Duke.

According to General Vargas, $7 billion had already been distributed to carry out the attack against the president.

Likewise, according to intelligence information, ‘John Mechas’ would have delivered another $2,000 million to attack the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, and a general of the National Police.

“We already have that evidence. I have commented on it to the Attorney General of the Nation and, in the same way, I have asked Interpol to expand the news with the associated countries because the plan is under development,” said General Vargas.

Minister Molano emphasized that the security schemes of President Duque are kept as they are. This criminal plan would be planned from Venezuela, where, according to General Vargas, alias ‘John Mechas’ is hiding.

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