Astronomical phenomena: Stellar alignment of planets in August: When and how to see the phenomenon? | Trends

The eighth month of the year begins and with it come the astronomical phenomena that will illuminate the skies, and will impress the fans who eagerly await the planetary alignment that can be seen in the celestial vault.

After almost six months of star movementsthe perfect alignment of planets in the sky ended and the celestial bodies will acquire an atypical brightness in the night sky that can be observed in the month of August.

Venus, Saturn and Mars they began to gather, and Jupiter and Saturn They joined the celestial formation that, although it was broken, can be seen from the earth’s surface on Wednesday, August 3, in the middle of a show in which the brightest planets can be seen with the naked eye.

The solar system planets They will acquire a particular brightness throughout the eighth month of the year, but this Wednesday, August 3, it will be possible to observe Spica, a particularly bright star, which will appear about 4 degrees below the crescent Moon.

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Thus, it is recommended to be in a space free of light pollution to observe andthe astronomical phenomenonwhich can also be seen at night of New Moon.

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