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For the Comptroller’s Office, there is no clarity in the efficient and effective management of the resources of the inventory of goods and assets delivered by the FARC, and administered by the Society of special assets.

For this reason, an administrative finding was determined in a financial audit of the Special Assets Company (SAE).

For the control body, ineffective management by the SAE is evident, taking into account that of the billion pesos related in the delivery certificates by the FARC, only an Autonomous Trust was established in 2021 for $43,000 million corresponding to: cash and coves for more than 2,114 million, dollars for $1,442 million, gold for more than $39,025 million, livestock $158,778,650, furniture and fixtures $500,000 and Means of Transportation $24,500,000

The Comptroller’s Office also warned that the SAE did not reflect in the memorandum accounts, the total value of the inventory delivered by the FARC, according to the corresponding minutes.

“The SAE did not reflect in the Balance Sheet in the Memorandum Accounts, the total value of the inventory delivered by the FARC-EP, therefore, it has not recorded in its Financial Statements, the totality of the goods that it has delivered to other entities of the State (National Land Agency, National Parks and others), which generates an inconsistency of $957,000,000,000, due to the fact that despite having carried out management, this has not been effective, with respect to the inventories received by certificate and that To date, all the resources allocated to the reparation of the victims of the armed conflict have not materialized, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 903 of May 29, 2017 and Decree 1407 of August 24, 2017, “reported the Comptroller’s Office .

It adds that in July 2021 an Autonomous Trust was established for $43,202,382,480 as a result of the sales of goods delivered by the FARC. It was thus created after four years of having regulated said constitution, a situation caused by lack of belonging and diligence in the management of the goods received by the SAE, which for the CGR demonstrates a lack of management in its management by not having constituted the orderly for the control and monitoring of the resources under his charge.

It also indicates that it was evidenced that, although four selection processes were carried out, these were not efficient, and that is how the four-year delay in being able to carry out the selection of the public bidding process 01 of 2021 occurred, as a result of which managed to materialize the award of the public tender to the Victims Fund Consortium 2021, made up of Fiduprevisora, Fiduagraria and Fiducoldex.

Due to these facts, the comptroller made the decision not to close the fiscal account of the Special Assets Company.

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