Armed Strike millionaire losses: Armed strike: Fenalco Antioquia reported a loss of 230 billion pesos | Medellin

Fenalco Antioquia estimated that the four days of armed strike of the Clan del Golfo generated losses for the trade of the department due to 230 billion pesos. The figures assure, taking into account that, it was the mother’s weekend and they expected that all sectors of commerce would mobilize.

However, The most affected subregions were the West, Bajo Cauca and Urabá Antioquia. Regarding the effects on trade in Urabá, Eladio Ramírez, president of the Chamber of Commerce of that subregion, estimated millionaire economic losses.

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What those affected say

“If we have an average of 12,500 business units and commercial establishments are losses of 20 billion pesos during the four days of strike”, explained Mr. Ramírez Voz

the guild I expected that in the department 90% of the families would celebrate Mother’s Daybut the strike affected trade in 35 municipalities in the subregions of Antioquia.

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