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The Minister of National Defense diego molano chaired this Thursday, July 18, a security meeting in Corozal, Sucre, accompanied by the military leadership and Policemanregional commands of the Armed Forces and regional authorities.

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The head of the defense portfolio announced a special device by the Public Force to prevent actions that lead to affect the citizenship, among them, any action of constraint both mobility and commercial activity.

“Announcement of the arrival of 800 men to these departments, specifically to be present in the most affected municipalities, to contribute to the prevention and protection of police facilities” explained Molano.

The minister revealed that they have been allocated 350 men of National Armywhich arrive this Friday, July 29, especially for the south of Cesar and the south of Bolívar.

Similarly, the head of the defense portfolio announced that on behalf of the Marine Corps, there will be 650 additional men who will work in Mojana Sucreña and also for Montes de María.

The head of the Defense portfolio expressed his solidarity with the families of the policemen and soldiers affected in recent days and described these events as “insane acts” by the ‘Gulf Clan’ “those who seek to position themselves politically”Molano said.

“The President’s Instruction Duke is clear to maintain the offensive against the ‘Clan del Golfo’ and the ‘THE N‘, for this reason, we were determining the additional actions to the deployed devices, especially against aliases ‘Siopas’, ‘Chiquito Malo’ and ‘Gonzalito’, main leaders of those redoubts that want to position themselves by giving orders for hired assassins,” said the minister.

Minister Molano announced a reward of up to 500 million pesos for information leading to the capture and prosecution of aliases ‘Cherimoya’, ‘Champeta’, ‘Veterino’, ‘Ricardo’ or ‘Zapata’, alias ‘Jerónimo or ‘Tigre’ and alias ‘Manatí’, material and intellectual authors of criminal acts against the Public Force.

In turn, the importance of joint work between the Public Force and citizens was reiterated, with the rewards program for those who provide information that helps prevent acts of assassination against the Public Force, and the start of joint patrols between the Army and and the National Police in the targeted areas.

Finally, Minister Molano called for coordination for the next Unified Command Posts and Security Tips to avoid the criminal and delinquent actions that the illegal armed groups.

“With all our strength, until the last day, until three in the afternoon, on August 7, we will maintain this offensive campaign because we are not going to allow some wicked people who have sought to unite to intimidate the population. We are going to capture them and we will bring them to justice,” Molano concluded.

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