Animals run over and abandoned in Pereira: Alert in Pereira due to the high number of animals that have been run over | Pereira

More of 215 dogs and cats have arrived seriously injured at the Ukumarí Biopark during this year after being phantom driver victims that they run over them and then run away so as not to take financial responsibility for veterinary care and the main reason for these accidents is speeding.

For this reason, Sandra Correa, manager of the Biopark, stated that greater care must be taken when driving and, in case of colliding with an animal, take it immediately to the veterinary clinics.

On the other hand, he stated that there is another significant amount of pets that are being abandoned in the streets or in empty houses.

Finally, the authorities reiterated the call on citizens to report cases of animal abuse that are registered in the city and, in this way, take action against those who carry them out.

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