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Google has suggested that the first official version of the latest version of your operating systemAndroid 13will be available for download from next September.

The company has advanced this release in its Android Security Release Notes, published on August 1, which includes “details affecting Android devices that are addressed as part of android 13“, according to this publication.

Specifically, Google has indicated that devices android 13 with a security patch 2022-09-01 or later are protected against these issues and that, according to their open source project (AOSP, for its acronym in English), this version “will have a default security patch level” in said date.

This suggests that the latest Android update would be available for download next September and that it will arrive with the security patch of September 1, 2022.

However, the level of security does not necessarily indicate when the implementation of Android 13 will occur on Pixel devices, which it reaches in the first instance, as recalled from 9to5Google.

This portal has indicated thatand Android 12 it was released to AOSP in early October and the Pixel phones update didn’t start until two weeks later.

It is worth remembering that Android 13 toIt reached its third beta and, with it, platform stability two months before the previous version of Google’s operating system reached this state.

The Android 13 beta was available to developers on June 9, and a month later the company released beta 4 for the Pixel after rolling out three patches weeks earlier.

According to forecasts, the final release of Android 13 would arrive in August. However, Google has not yet released the security patch corresponding to this last phase.

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