Amber Heard kiss with Cara Delevingne: Amber Heard would have cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevingne | Trends

A new chapter in the media fight between Johnny Depp and his ex-partner Amber Heard opened this week, after the YouTube channel ‘Popcorned Planet‘ will reveal a video in which the actress kisses the British model Cara Delevingnein the same elevator in which it was recorded with Elon Muskinside the ‘Eastern Columbia’ building, located in Los Angeles.

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Fueling rumors of possible infidelity when Amber was still living with Johnny. Something that Captain Sparrow’s defense tried to prove throughout the trial, in Farifax’s court.

Although the images would no longer have weight in the trialwhich ended up favoring the former ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, may be proof that the jury made the best decision.

Since, despite the fact that the quality of the video is low, it is easy to identify the two celebrities and what they do.

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Heard and Delevingne are believed to have met through the CEO of Tesla who was even involved in rumors indicating that they had a love trio; supported by Josh Drew, a neighbor, and Trinity Corrine Espaza, building janitor.

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