Álvaro Uribe Prosecutor’s Preclusion: Prosecutor’s Office files request for preclusion in favor of former President Uribe | Judicial

The prosecution again filed a request for preclusion in favor of the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez, for the case of alleged purchase of witnesses Y fraud processesl. Caracol Radio learned that the case corresponded to the Knowledge Court 41 of Bogotá.

After the 28th judge in Bogotá denied the request for initial preclusionthe accusing entity in just over three months of investigative activities, took 14 statements, questioned the accused, carried out 7 inspections of different authorities, made a selective database search and carried out technical tests and forensic analysis in photography and video , acoustics, computer forensics and cell phone information extraction, among others.

The prosecution says that He has no evidence to bring the former president to trial.

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“The knowledgeable prosecutor, with full autonomy and independence, and following criteria of legal impartiality and evidentiary objectivityconsidered that the grounds for estoppel of atypical behavior and impossibility of refuting the presumption of innocence have been established, which will be presented at the respective hearing.”

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