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Baldios are lands that belong to the State and can only be adjudicated to peasant, afro and indigenous communities whose assets do not exceed 1,000 current legal minimum wages. Journalist daniel colonel reported that the director of the National Land AgencyMyriam Martínez, has shelved a process that directly affects the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez and to his family: the restitution to the nation of a property that is a state vacant lot and that is in the hands of the Ubrown rib.

Is named The Lake 2, It is located in the municipality of Saint Charles, in Cordovaand as ruled by a judge from that department, based on a report from the Office of Public Instruments of Cereté, the 8 hectares and 3,400 square meters do not belong to the Uribe family, but rather a vacant lot and is owned by the nation.

The process before the court is in the name of Lina Moreno Uribebecause she is the legal representative of the family business Farming The Uberrimo. The former first lady filed a claim for ownership by acquisitive prescription on March 19, 2019, arguing that she had had peaceful domain over the property for more than seven years, she exploited it economically, and paid taxes.

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A demand for ownership by acquisitive prescription is a figure through which a citizen can acquire real estate only by accrediting its uninterrupted possession and without the need to show any property title. Only good faith would suffice.

However, the report of the Office of Public Instruments of Cereté, Córdoba, says: «The property in question has been in false tradition, since its inception and has not been sanitized, therefore, ownership does not proceed since it is required that there be ownership and in this case there is not. It is a Rural Baldío, it corresponds to the National Land Agency, its availability».

The process was archived by Myriam Martinez, director of the National Land Agencyas reported daniel colonel. A report from that entity leaves no doubt: “The property is affected by false tradition and, therefore, as there is no evidence of a subsequent legal act that corrects this circumstance, such as an adjudication of the land authority intended for it, it is It is correct to affirm that the legal nature of the property is vacant, and has not left the domain of the State.

In response to a right of petition that Vorágine sent her in September 2020, Director Martínez said that she has not taken action because the properties that former President Uribe exploits, through Agricultural El Uberrimo, they have not been included in the inventory of vacant lots.

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