Alvaro Leyva: Petro Government would raise benefits for Clan del Golfo, in exchange for information | Politics

In the middle of Plural meeting for peacepromoted by the organizations Defendamos la Paz and the Institute for Peace of the United States, the foreign minister designated for the Petro government, Alvaro Leyva Duranindicated that, in the eventual scenario of some dialogues with the Gulf Clanthis armed group would be welcomed as the State with the extinct FARC.

Leyva mentioned, regarding the total peace that the government agenda proposes, that “in the peace agreements there is talk of acceptance. That what she means is that there may be benefits.” In the same way, she assured that “submission implies a criminal code, but if there is an indictment and there are routes, it implies that there is a possibility of sanctions based on what they can contribute to total peace, even if they are going to be subject to criminal regulations”

During this meeting, which was held to generate dialogue between the different sectors of the country and the incoming government, for the implementation of the Peace Agreements Y possible negotiations Along with other armed groups, Peace Commissioner Danilo Rueda, Senator Iván Cepeda and former Minister Juan Fernando Cristo also attended.

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