Alias ​​’Otoniel’ Clan del Golfo: After the extradition of alias ‘Otoniel’ his mental health was not affected | 6AM Today by Today

In an interview on 6AM Hoy por Hoy he spoke Arthur Hernandezlead attorney for Dairo Antonio Usuga Davidaliases’Othniel‘ about his judicial situation in the United States.

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the lawyer of alias ‘Othniel’ mentioned about the legal situation: “he is detained in a jail that is in the city of brooklyn, New York, and the next appointment will be June 2, it is an important appointment because the judge of the District, where you can indicate what the order of production will be, how much time the Government has to produce the evidence, it is a quote that is important to be able to align a conclusion in terms of culpability“.

Regarding the first time he met aka ‘Othniel’ He said: “About the first conversation, that is confidential and ethics does not allow me to answer, but I can say that I found him healthy from a mental point of view, because after his extradition it may happen that he is affected, but I found him more or less normal”

About the security and the way he’s being held aka ‘Othniel’the confessed lawyer: “it’s quite the securityit was difficult for me to enter the jail. They took me to a special floor where he is kept in a cell practically 22 or 23 hours a day. I consider that it will be a difficult process, because I have many things to analyze and through a glass or cubicle in which I meet him it will be all difficult.

On the other hand, Hernández mentioned about Usuga that: “It is too early to think of a declaration of culpability. To reach a guilty plea there are two options, accept all the charges, or accept an agreement with the Government, but that second one requires the consent of the Government and it is necessary to see if the Government wants to reach that. From the point of view of the Colombian nation, I do not oppose the process initiated by Colombian lawyers as long as it is consistent with US law.”

Finally, he stressed: “It is necessary to understand that the extradition It is a decision of Colombian governmentWe had nothing to do with it. We have to be attentive to the change of circumstances, for me it would be very speculative as to what could happen”.

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