Alert to owners of vehicles with transfers to an undetermined person: Traffic Sec. warns about the transfer of a vehicle to an undetermined person | Cucuta

The secretary of traffic of Cúcuta warned about the expiration of Resolution 3282 of 2019 issued by the Ministry of Transport, in which the people who sold their vehicle for a period of more than three years and are still listed as ownersbecause that sale has not yet been registered, they will be able to carry out the transfer process to an undetermined person and thus cease to be responsible for the obligations of that vehicle.

Mayid Gene Beltrán Secretary of Traffic of Cúcuta told Caracol Radio that, “those people who at the time did not transfer their vehicles correctly and are currently in the hands or in the hands of a possessor who is not the owner and that could be generating subpoenas”.

He explained that “this The process ends by the first week of August, one situation must be taken into account and that is that, in the traffic inspection, more than 200 transfers are made to an undetermined person per year, obviously with all the situations that the fork has generated photo detections, generated subpoenas, because many times they do not have the documents up to date.

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The official indicated that this procedure should be carried out as soon as possible, the procedure should be carry out in the different secretariats where the vehicle is registered, you must carry a sworn statementbe up to date on subpoenas.

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