Alberto Gamero Millonarios: Alberto Gamero: “I’m happy at Millonarios, I would never want to leave” | Sports

The technician of millionaires, Alberto Gamerostated at a press conferenceto his happiness at being in charge of the Bogota team and his desire to be able to continue, at least for the remainder of his contract. However, although he stated that “never” he would like to leave, he acknowledged that in football you always have to be prepared for this type of situation.

When asked if he planned to continue next year in the team, the samarium replied: “In this one never knows anything, we are in a profession in which we have to have the suitcase ready. Fortunately I live in Bogotá, I have my house in Bogotá, there I don’t need to take a suitcase, I just go home. In soccer one cannot say anything, I have a contract with Millonarios until next year, but I repeat,Here I am happy, I am happy, happy with what I am doing, with that desire and that desire to give the star to Millionaires, That’s why I’m fighting and working as hard as I can”.

Gamero added: “if I have anything here, it is a great happiness to be in this institution, the directors have treated me well, fortunately I have a good relationship with them, the fans, today they have treated me very well, there will be some and others who do not like it, you journalists have treated me very well, there will be some who do not like it.But in general, believe me, I’m happy and content here, but you know what football is like, football is today I’m here, tomorrow I’m somewhere else”.

Samarium concluded: “Hopefully I can complete this year and a half that I still have left, but I want to tell you that I am happy here, I would never want to leave.

Millionaires faces this Sunday the Magdalena Union in Santa Marta for the fifth date of Colombian soccer, a game that can define the leadership of the League. The Blues come from thrashing 3-0 against Fortress in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Colombian Cup.

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