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Golden Eagles added a few days ago to his training a prestigious player such as jackson martinez, the 35-year-old striker who had to leave football early due to a chronic injury to one of his ankles in 2020.

In The Extension of Caracol Radio, the team’s coach, Leonel Álvarez, confirmed the intentions of the World Cup forwardback to the competition after the pain disappeared.

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“Jackson asked us and I have always told this class of players to come to me without any problem, he has earned that with his way of being. In Águilas he was given the opportunity to train, we are giving him work and he has the ability to continue playing, surely it costs him due to the recovery from the injury. From what I’ve talked to him, he’s looking for the option to play, he wants to continue playing and he’s halfway excited that he’s having training sessions and he has been with us, we have enjoyed it and he is a very important player”, he commented in this regard.

On the other hand, he confirmed an offer made to him to lead the Bolivian National Team, although his intention is to respect the contract with the Antioquia team.

“Where I have been I have been very respectful of respecting contracts, there is no clause, but there is a contract that is respected by both parties, but all this good news one receives them in a good way, I value and respect where I am at this moment and I am very happy”, he commented.

Finally, he referred to the formation of the team for this semester of the Colombian League, in which the point to strengthen are the away games.

We are working to have a team that can fulfill what we lacked, which is to win as a visitorat home we have been good, we continue to search with work, we have more tools and they have made an effort to have a more competitive team”, he concluded.

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