Addiction to games What is gambling: “When I hit rock bottom I didn’t have a penny, I owed everything”: Gambler | Day by day

Maria Victoria Perez, She is a woman who ended up trapped in casinos and bet millions of sums of money.

Pérez explained that he hid his addiction from his family for a long time until he became aware of it and made a financial evaluation.

“When I hit rock bottom I didn’t have a peso, I owed installments on my car, on the house, I had no money. I took out all my money to play. I just thought I was going to recover and it didn’t happen. I spent more than I earned, It was a vice, it is a euphoric state that leads one to do that. Cell phone games, cards, the fact was to invest money in bets, “he said.

Listen to the full testimony in the main audio.

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