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For Joseph Borda

FIFA selected 129 judges from all the National Associations of the worldbetween referees (36), assistants (69) and VARs (24), to lead the Qatar 2022 World Cup, of which twenty-four are South American and one Colombian, Nicolás Gallo and that because he was summoned as a member of the video arbitration team.

After 10 World Cups, from Spain 82 to Russia 2018 where Colombian referees were consecutively, today we are surprised that neither central nor assistant referees from our country participate in the Qatari World Cup.

I remember Armando Perez Hoyoswho was an assistant in the final of Italy 90; a Jose Joaquin Torreswho directed US 94or at the same Oscar Julian Ruizwho took part in 3 World Cups, and finally to Wilmar Roldanwho participated in Brazil 2014 Y Russia 2018. However, everything has collapsed and national arbitration has been left out of the world elite. As a result of this call, we all ask ourselves Why weren’t more Colombian referees at the 2022 World Cup?

The answer is very simple, in Colombia we have always got used to having a single referent, before it was Pérez, Torres, Toro, Ruiz and Roldán, like this in each era and no work has been done so that there are quality judges, this is so that when If one finishes his career, it is easier to replace him and the void is not felt so much to be able to remain in the international arena. Unfortunately in our country of the “sacred heart”, in the absence of serious training processesthe arbitration became sponsorships, levers where the recommended ones arrive and it is now when the disastrous results are seen.

The Colombian referee has come in recent years, from “tumble to tumble” and nobody has done anything to improve it, what’s more, with the arrival of Imer Machado as head of arbitration everything has gotten worseand even more so with the non-call to Qatar, where it was shown that he was not the right one to direct the arbitration nationally or internationally, because he lacked serious training processes, in addition to precise instructions that were in accordance with FIFA and not with local management and criteria.

Additionally, it has also failed to make the generational changeand above all what has aggravated the situation is that in the last 4 years it has not been possible to form competent and credible Arbitration and Technical Commissions for the referees, the players, the leadership and the fans.

Nicolás Gallo, who has been criticized in the local media with reason and sometimes without reason, has earned his way to the final phase of the most important tournament in world football (remember that the call for this type of championship is not given so much by participation in the local League but for international competitions and his performance in them), as his record supports him as one of the most important VARs on the continent, in recent years he has performed in two Club World Cups, some Olympic Games, in the Copa América final and in different crucial Conmebol games. It goes exclusively for its good performance in the international arena.

The worrying thing about all thisis that there is no glimpse of a national referee who carries out a serious process and who can be said to be in the next World Championship in 2026, here they come, miles away from the South American elite, Rojas, Ospina, Betancurt and Ortega; however, if we continue with the same Technical Commission and its ill-advised behaviorit will be many years before a Colombian whistle returns to a World Cup. For the record, they are being warned ahead of time.

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