Zurdo Ramírez fought as a “rookie” against Bivol, according to Terrible Morales

erik "Terrible" Morales considered that the "Left handed" Ramírez fought as a rookie (Instagram /@zurdoramirez)
Erik “Terrible” Morales considered that “Zurdo” Ramírez fought as a rookie (Instagram /@zurdoramirez)

Dmitry Bivol appeared in the Mexican boxing scene after defeating saul Cinnamon alvarez Already Gilbert Left handed Ramirez. With these victories he raised his popularity in the boxing guild as he finished off two fighters who tried to strip him of his belt.

In the case of Left handed Ramirezdespite the fact that he launched a series of threats against Bivol, failed to defeat him and once again the Russian boxer took the victory against a Mexican. Two months after that fight, erik Terrible Morales considered that the native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, he fought like a novice.

Although the Left handed showed a real interest in becoming a world champion —and went so far as to insinuate that he would avenge Mexican boxing—, he did not achieve his goal and lost by unanimous decision. This fact caused a series of criticisms among former fighters and sports commentators.

The "Left handed" Ramírez regretted not having been able to take the victory against Bivol (Photo: Twitter/ @MatchroomBoxing)
The “Zurdo” Ramírez regretted not having been able to win against Bivol (Photo: Twitter/ @MatchroomBoxing)

From the position of Terrible Morales, Ramírez did not see the intention of wanting to be championsince throughout the entire fight, Bivol was the one who proposed the dynamics of the match and repeatedly brought the Mexican to the corner, as he analyzed in his podcast One More Round.

The Left handed Well, it was seen, the rookie came out ”, he sentenced.

And it is that when Marco Antonio Barreraa former fighter and his collaborator on the podcast, added the question of whether the Left handed tried to compete with Bivol, the Terrible Morales hesitated, as he acknowledged that throughout the 12 rounds the Mazatleco did not get dangerously close to Bivol.

Bivol defeated Zurdo Ramírez by unanimous decision (Photo: Twitter/ @MatchroomBoxing)
Bivol defeated Zurdo Ramírez by unanimous decision (Photo: Twitter/ @MatchroomBoxing)

Although the reigning WBA champion did not knock out his opponent, he did prevent him from making combinations or throwing punches, so in several rounds the Left handed Ramírez disappointed the public because he did not fulfill the promise of giving a great exhibition.

For this reason, Erik Morales insisted that he went to the fight —which took place in Abu Dhabi— with a “passive” attitudeallowed Bivol to take over the fight in its entirety, so that with each round the possibility of becoming the 175-pound champion slipped away.

However, the former professional fighter added that the entire analysis was solely his perspective, so he did not want to take it as an absolute truth, he only expressed his point of view on how the fight was carried out.

“I would like to say yes, but I didn’t even see the desire, right? Because when you want, you risk a long live Mexico, and I think it was very passive, too permissive for the fight. But well, that is my opinion, it does not mean that I have the truth, ”he commented on Terrible.

Regarding the experience you have had Dmitry Bivol with mexican peelers and the way in which he has taken care of his undefeated record, Erik Morales insisted that The best boxing has not been seen to the Russian, because despite the fact that he has won his two recent title defenses, in both fights he was not exposed by blows.

For the Terrible Morales, the Lefty did not want to be champion (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)
For the Terrible Morales, the Lefty did not want to be champion (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)

when he fought with Cinnamonthere was few opportunities for Saúl to break Bivol’s defense, for which the man from Guadalajara cornered himself repeatedly. Something similar happened with the Left handed Ramirez since the man from Mazatlan did not connect punches that endangered Bivol’s integrity, consequently there was no attempted knockout scenario.

“Unfortunately, he has had two fights where his abilities have not been seen to the fullest. In the case of CinnamonHe did what was necessary, he stayed behind, cold, in order to win. And in the case of Left handedI think he did the right thing it was handled wellhe maintained himself, he had the initiative to strike,” Morales shared.


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