Zubkov should receive the main punishment by the decision of the Ukrainian court for assisting the Russian Federation in the occupation of Crimea – Chubarov

About it Chubarov wrote on your Facebook page.

He recalled that in February 2014, in the early days of the Russian military invasion of Crimea, Zubkov handed over to bandits from the so-called “People’s Militia of Crimea”, known as the “self-defense of Crimea”, a bus belonging to the Taigan safari park, who “They drove it to the addresses where they carried out illegal searches, pogroms and arrests of civilians.”

“In Crimea, the occupying Belogorsk district “court” sentenced Oleg Zubkov, director of the Taigan lion park, to two years and three months in prison on charges of “providing services that do not meet security requirements.” Personally, I am not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of the boomerang. Therefore, we will do everything so that Zubkov receives the main punishment by the decision of the Ukrainian court after the de-occupation of Crimea,” the head of the Mejlis stressed.

The bus of the Taigan safari park, which in February 2014 Oleg Zubkov handed over to the “People’s Militia of Crimea” Photo: Facebook Refat Chubarov

As reported, on July 28, the “Belogorsky District Court” of the occupied Crimea sentenced businessman, director of the Taigan lion park Oleg Zubkov to 2 years and 3 months in prison and a fine of 255 thousand rubles for an incident in which a child was bitten by a tiger.


  • Oleg Zubkov supported the occupation of Crimea, in 2014, during the capture of the peninsula by Russian troops, he donated “self-defense of the Crimea” Taigan safari park bus.

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