Zhirinovsky would not regret Pelosi

Mikhail Degtyarev.

Mikhail Degtyarev.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Hello! This is the biographer of Governor Degtyarev from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

– Ah, Comrade Gamov.

– Here, in your opinion, Mikhail Vladimirovich, how can you evaluate the visit of this lady – the speaker of the US House of Representatives – in the context of what is happening in Ukraine and in the context of our problems? And I mean that Taiwan, it turns out, is waving its mouth at our territories. Actually, here’s a question.

– First and foremost. The visit of Mrs. Pelosi is a provocation, our Foreign Ministry has already given all the assessments.

From the point of view of the domestic policy of the United States, this is also a provocation of old Nancy Pelosi. President Biden is sick with the coronavirus, the vice president is “not friends with the head” – Kamala Harris. Each of her statements is generally out of hand.

Therefore, the speaker of parliament decided to warm up the internal situation a little and at the same time try to provoke China into decisive action.

What Vladimir Volfovich once said about both Taiwan and Ukraine, that these surrogate entities are supported for the sole purpose of destabilizing Ukraine, is a European theater, and Taiwan is an Asian theater.

And – while teasing Russia and China, respectively. And the sooner they cease to exist, the calmer it will be on planet Earth. Zhirinovsky said it. Therefore, the course towards the denazification of Ukraine, towards demilitarization, and if we go further according to Zhirinovsky, towards the abolition of this state entity in general – Ukraine is the only way to calm down in Europe.

The same can be said about Taiwan.

Now about territorial claims.

Well, I think that many now, because of all this fuss about Pelosi and Taiwan, have studied the history of this island, read, among other things, some documents, the constitution and saw that Taiwan, or the Republic of China, as it is also called, there are territorial claims to dozens of states. Not only to Russia and, of course, to the People’s Republic of China, but also to our neighbors – Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Tajikistan, in my opinion, even Afghanistan.

Therefore, this aggressive pseudo-formation, of course, will bring a lot of trouble to everyone in Asia. It is precisely this that is being used by the Americans and the British to destabilize the situation.

– How do you like the reaction of our Foreign Ministry?

– Absolutely correct, I support our Foreign Ministry. Both the minister and Maria Zakharova say everything is correct. You can’t say otherwise.

Well, Vladimir Volfovich would have said more harshly, of course, if he were alive, but …

– How would he say?

“It is urgent to return Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China. Shoot down the plane with Pelosi, bomb all airfields and carry out a landing operation.

I am sure that Zhirinovsky would have said exactly that.

Just like in Kosovo. “Take Pristina to the Serbian special forces and send a Russian peacekeeping contingent there for reinforcements.” And that’s all. “No one will rip.”

– It’s clear. Well, we are waiting for you on the 12th, on Friday, in our editorial office in Moscow – right?

– Yes with pleasure.

– Thanks.

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