Zhirinovsky warned about problems with the combat capability of the army

Six months have passed since of death prominent Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but his bright, always very emotional statements continue to be relevant. And many even became prophetic.

One can only be surprised at how accurately he saw (or calculated?) The future of our country until 2036. So, we recall, the long-term permanent leader of the Liberal Democratic Party predicted “NATO war in Ukraine” and partial mobilization in Russia.

And yet Zhirinovsky was one of the few politicians who spoke openly about the systemic problems that are now “going around”. For example, he warned that the Russian army could become “incompetent”:

“The army improves during the war … The American army has been fighting since 1945. Every day. They have occupied 150 countries. And they fight where they need and don’t need to. Otherwise, the army dies … The army needs a war, unfortunately.”

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