Zeman appoints the governor of the NB and the government discusses the amendment, which gave grace to lto | Briefing

President Milo Zeman appoints the new governor of the Czech National Bank. The name of the successor of South Rusnok, who will not be able to run for office in June and will not run again, Prask did not publish the castle. There is speculation that it will only become the bank board Ale Michl.

Dlunci has to regain the opportunity to take out the so-called gracious lto and to settle your foreclosure on debts with public institutions and small and medium-sized companies. Then the amendment of the civil court and the executive duo, which is discussed by the government. The Ministry of Justice wants the House to approve the proposal in the first place. Clem short story is changed by sweat executions.

The meeting of the Chamber continues. Deputies could approve a government amendment on the postponement of the activities of the new building code and a template to facilitate the supervision of the movement or excise duty. The second round of elections of the NK vice-president should take place at 1:30 p.m.

Zased and Sent. The program will include amendments, including a reduction in fuel taxes and the abolition of strong taxes, a change in the criminal law concerning the criminal offenses of genetically modified organisms, and an opinion on problems with the quality of DVB-T2 digital broadcasting. Sentoi discuss it like that enough of the President of the Republic concerning the appointment of Petr Polednek as a judge of the Constitutional Court.

Democrats at Sent USA have met with procedural votes on the bill, which would end the first for an abortion. The first state on the abortion, which established the 1973 verdict, is now going to be overturned by the highest court, according to the first of last week. The draft law will probably not succeed in this matter in Sent.

District Court for Prague 1 ann decided in a dispute between the architect Petr Pitko and the Václav Havel Library. He claims that the institution evaluated the first selection for the design of the installation for the crack fly, ad 300 000 crowns.

Cancer League under Esk Cancer Day. Warn the uterine and testicular cavities. Volunteers will sell yellow flowers of lskaskho with purple stucco.

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