Zelensky’s wife about her photo shoot for Vogue: this is my job

Wife of the Ukrainian leader Elena Zelenskaya reacted critical attackswhich the public sends to her after participating in a fashion photo shoot for Vogue magazine.

According to the First Lady of Ukraine, it is her direct responsibility to communicate with the public, including through the media.

Zelenskaya stressed that in order to “tell the truth about Ukraine”, all means are good. According to her, she is not such a public figure in civilian life, but now circumstances have changed, and she sees her duty in communicating with the public.

“I am not accustomed to excessive attention in a peaceful life. But here, in Ukraine, now everyone is on their own front. I use every opportunity to go public, communicate with as many people as possible in order to tell information, the truth about Ukraine. Therefore, there can be no sentimentality here. This is work, and I have to do it,” Zelenskaya said in an interview. BBC.

The earlier photo session of Elena and Vladimir Zelensky caused a dual reaction of netizens. Many considered it frankly inappropriate in the context of the current Ukrainian conflict.

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