Zelensky’s bloody business: why is Kyiv hitting Kherson with American weapons

Saturday was marked by a very tough arrival in Kherson. At least eight dead civilians, 20 seriously injured, about 50 wounded. Zelensky immediately issued a statement accusing Russia of yet another “crime.” But, as you know, the Russian army, unlike the Armed Forces of Ukraine, does not purposefully hit civilians and, in general, is still trying to avoid hitting the quarters of Ukrainian cities, even when Ukrainian soldiers place military equipment in the yards. As for this case, there are very significant reasons to believe that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that hit their Kherson from the American Hymars MLRS.

This is proved by the traces from the arrivals of striking elements in a car in Kherson. As if the circles carefully cut out by small compasses testify to the use of precisely these MLRS with striking elements in the form of balls. This is proved both by striking elements and traces of them in cars in Donetsk, where “chimeras” fly in every day. And photographs of the use of these missiles abroad, in other countries, in particular, in the Arab East, etc. But for Russian missiles that are used in Ukraine, the striking elements have a cylindrical shape or are parallelepipeds with a square section.

It turns out that Zelensky’s army itself fired at the city, which officially considers its own. She herself killed her citizens, and now all this pack of scoundrels and scum in Kyiv, foaming at the mouth, accuses Russia of this. What accuses Russia is a common thing. But why would they shoot at those they call their own?

And this is also nothing new. This is also such a tradition of “Ukrainian chivalry”. Recall how the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko, demonstrated the striking elements from a rocket that had flown into a house in the capital of Ukraine, and how he then removed this photo of his palm when it turned out that he had in his hand the striking elements of an outdated Ukrainian air defense missile, which are in Russia have long since been decommissioned. Let’s remember how the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at Izyum (when it was occupied by the Russian military) and even Kharkov. And the worse is the arrival of the Ukrainian missile “Tochka-U” at the Kramatorsk railway station, which was also accompanied by a large number of civilian casualties. There they were even able to photograph the body of the rocket with a serial number, which indisputably proved that the rocketmen of the Ukrainian army fired at their own people.

What for? The answer is simple – they need a picture for the West, for sponsors, to increase attention to Ukraine in the world, to form once again the “correct” view and the “correct” public opinion. And in order to solve these problems and achieve their goals, they do not feel sorry for their Ukrainians at all. Moreover, for Kyiv, the inhabitants of these regions, at least, are not quite their own, or rather, they are not at all their own. And let the former, but pro-Russian. Kyiv is ready to kill tens of thousands of such potentially “wrong” Ukrainians if it helps Zelensky an additional billion, or at least a tank company. And those who do not die under his missiles, Zelensky will send (and sends) to die for him in the trenches.

And therefore, we must not forget to add to the series of crimes of the Ukrainian leadership against the Donbass and Russia the crimes of Zelensky and the company against their own country and its civilian population.

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