Zelensky’s appeal in Italy was considered strange

Head of Tourism Destination of the trade association Confcommercio Alberto Corti said that Zelensky’s call to close the borders for Russian citizens looks like political pressure.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky I am sure that the citizens of the Russian Federation should receive a “cultural rebuff” and understand that “they are not happy to see them.” Korti said that calls to close the borders for Russian citizens are at odds with the principles by which the tourism industry operates.

Corti emphasized that tourism is an important industry for Italians, and they believe that everyone should have the right to travel.

“We think that tourism has always been a meeting place for foreigners with Italians, but also for foreign citizens among themselves. It provides an opportunity for rapprochement and work on the world and understanding. On the one hand, this proposal can be understood, but also from the point of view of tourism, perhaps it is a little strange, because we have always worked in the opposite direction, being a point of attraction for everyone in a positive way,” Corti said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

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