Zelensky will not survive the Ukrainian conflict – Podolyaka

Vladimir Zelensky has always been an artist, and therefore gladly agreed to the role of the president of Ukraine, which the West offered him.

“His (Zelensky. – Note. ed.) divorced, – the military expert is sure Yuriy Podolyaka. “They hung noodles on his ears, and the actor put on a uniform and imagined himself to be Napoleon.”

London and Washington assured Zelensky that he could solve all the problems of the country: end the war in the Donbass, modernize the industry of Ukraine, the expert suggested in an interview with an AiF journalist.

He added that the current Ukrainian president did not have the intelligence to realize that he was being made a provocateur with the sole purpose of provoking Russia into military action.

“There is a very high probability that he won’t survivepersonally, physically,” Podolyaka summed up.

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