Zelensky went with a mug to the international oil industry

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

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At first, I didn’t believe it. Still, no president, no state, and outright begging – did not go well together. But first, this information was published by one very well-informed Ukrainian Telegram channel, and just a day later, another, no less well-informed, confirmed it. You will hardly believe it. And if we also remember that we are talking about Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelensky as a state… In general, the mosaic has formed into a clear picture.

In a word, having made another attempt to extort money from the countries of the European Union and the United States, Zelensky almost resigned himself to the fact that they would not give money. But they are needed! And the President of Ukraine made another attempt. It was a cry of despair! The cry of last hope!

According to informed sources in Kyiv, Zelensky bowed to asking for money not from countries, but from companies. And this, of course, is a new word in international public-private relations. Usually, the authorities invite companies to their country to implement some investment, production projects, give preferences and benefits. And they even receive the same money, for example, for issuing licenses for the development of subsoil.

Yes, there is a long way to go. More recently, at the International Economic Forum in Davos, Zelensky invited all companies that decided to leave Russia to Ukraine.

– You will get access to 40 million Ukrainian consumers and to the European market. Your positions and brands will really strengthen only thanks to the fact that you stand in defense of freedom, – as it seemed to him, Zelensky was convincingly broadcasting, clearly not realizing that horns and legs remained from the forty million consumer market (in all of Ukraine now it is unlikely whether it is possible to count 15-18 million people, including deep pensioners and infants), nor that even a market with 40 million consumers is a weak substitute for a market in which there are 3.5 times more of these consumers. Not to mention purchasing power.

But just two months have passed, and Volodymyr Zelensky, picking up a hat, went in a circle, addressing the largest companies with the same words: “Give money to Ukraine.”

According to Ukrainian Telegram channels, Zelensky did not address this appeal to everyone, but so far only to oil companies: Shell, Repsol, ENI, BP, Total, Equinor. Moreover, Zelensky tried to substantiate not even a request, but the legitimacy of his claims for part of their profits by the fact that it was Ukraine, fighting with Russia, that ensured the rise in oil and gas prices on the international market with this war. Like, if it weren’t for Kyiv, then the bourgeoisie would now be sitting in Shell, BP and Total and sucking their paw, and not rowing with shovels the pure gold of superprofits, selling black. And therefore, according to the logic of Ukrainian justice, they are obliged to share. At worst, Zelensky agrees to take diesel fuel or gasoline.

Frank primitive begging of the lowest sort in the style of the old man Panikovsky with his cries: “Give me a million! Well, give me a million!” It’s just that Volodya Zelensky is unaware that these companies have become such giants, because they are very good at counting, including money. And they always get their money back with interest. If there is at least some doubt about the return guarantees, then they will not give a broken cent. Even to the president and even for his soul. There are big doubts that the tearful requests of the President of Ukraine will be able to touch their hardened souls and open tight wallets.

And in this case, just in case, the owners of snack bars and shawarma should also get ready, they are next in line. And after them there will be only taxi drivers and grandmothers selling dill at the railway station squares.

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