Zelensky was deceived: hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are dying for NATO, but the promised reward is still missing

At negotiations with the President of Poland, Zelensky told why he is massively killing Ukrainians in a conflict with Russia

At negotiations with the President of Poland, Zelensky told why he is massively killing Ukrainians in a conflict with Russia

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Sometimes they talk. Recently, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov said that NATO it would hardly have found such countries “which, like Ukraine, are ready to sacrifice tens of thousands of their citizens.” Thus, he acknowledged that Kyiv is fulfilling the tasks for which the NATO bloc was created and exists to this day. And that today’s Ukraine is fighting against Russia for the North Atlantic Alliance and instead of it. And not for Ukraine at all.

Well, okay, here you can allow at least some kind of double interpretation. But words leave absolutely no illusions Zelensky during negotiations with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Zelensky, of course, thanked the Pole for the tanks. Recall that Duda promised to supply Kyiv with a Leopard-2 tank company (according to NATO standards, this is 12-14 tanks, in the Russian army – 10, and Ukrainian experts talk about 10 combat vehicles). True, it is clear that such a tank unit will not make the weather even on a local sector of the front, and not something that will ensure at least tactical success. And about these tanks, Warsaw will still have to get permission to supply them from Germany. No special obstacles are foreseen here, but the process will take some time, and then it will be necessary to train crews, provide spare parts and a repair base, etc. In any case, the matter is not so fast, although Zelensky tried to work out this topic as much as possible in terms of propaganda.

– Today I can say an important word for our defense, for our state, army and general defense of both Ukraine and all of Europe – this is the word “tanks”! – Zelensky announced pathetically after the talks, welcoming the decision of the Polish Duda, and at the same time thanked the Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda for the promise to transfer anti-aircraft missiles to Kyiv. But his main request at the talks in Lvov, where the Polish president was hysterically enthusiastically greeted by the local Galicians, who all the time tried to “kiss the hand of the sir”, was not at all related to this company of tanks. He again asked, literally begged, that Ukraine be promised an early entry into the European Union and NATO. And he spoke.

– Today, simply supporting Ukraine from colleagues in NATO in the form of rhetoric about “open doors” is no longer enough for Ukraine. Namely, not enough to motivate our country, to motivate our soldiers. We need steps forward! he literally begged Duda.

And, a few minutes later, Zelensky again returned to this most painful issue for him, but in terms of joining not a military-political alliance, but the European Union.

– We are looking forward to powerful steps, to something more than just “open doors”. This will be an important signal. Such things motivate people, our society, like a candidate for the EU, he continued to moan. – This shows that everything is true (that they lie to their population in Kyiv – ed.), that people are not indifferent, that they do not feed us with promises. That we are truly seen as equals. Opening up talk of joining the EU this year motivates to fight.

What do such confessions of the head of the Kyiv Nazi regime mean? The fact that in reality the top of the Ukrainian government does not see the motivation to protect “Batkivshchyna” from any “aggressor”, the motivation lies in the next promise of a donut, instead of which they still show only a hole from it and say that “the donut will be somewhere here . Some day”. The amazing position – “if there are no promises to join, then there is no motivation to fight” – shows all the artificiality of the aggressive behavior of the Ukrainian authorities, who incited militants and the regular army against their own fellow citizens and set them up to fight to the “last Ukrainian” for the sake of illusory prospects Europe at someone else’s expense. Sometime later. A frank confession, for which Ukrainians are dying by the tens of thousands. There is no motivation to fight for Ukraine, there is only for prospects in Europe and NATO.

Zelensky does not want to understand that even in peacetime there was no unanimity in the alliance regarding joining NATO, so what can we say about the military, when the NATO Charter itself prohibits the admission of countries with unsettled borders and border disputes or in a state of military conflict into the alliance. He, who is used to spitting on the Constitution, depriving Ukrainian citizens of citizenship, and on any other laws, desperately wants the rest of the world to spit on their own rules and laws. Because this is how Kyiv and personally Zelensky need it. Zelensky cannot and does not want to understand that Duda does not solve such issues. However, it is not a simple decision, but only a promise, another promise that can be presented to the population with the words: “We did not lie to you.”

Lie, Vova, lie. And you know it very well. And you keep lying.

But I so want, probably, that as in the song: “Young man, dance – do not kiss! Invite, invite, invite the lady to dance!”

Maybe they will invite you to dance, after all. Dancing is not kissing. And to promise – does not mean to marry. Moreover, they have been waiting for the promised three years.

And today’s Ukraine simply won’t last that long.

On the other hand, the fewer illusions, the earlier insight. No, it’s still not worth it.

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