Zelensky told how much the United States pours into the budget of Ukraine

The Ukrainian government receives significant financial support from the Americans – Washington pours $1.5 billion into the budget of the Independent every month.

It’s reported President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during an interview with CBS (program “Facing the nation“).

“Currently, Kyiv has a budget deficit of $5 billion,” Zelensky said, adding that “the United States allocates $1.5 billion a month to support the country’s budget “to fight Russia.”

According to the Ukrainian leader, weapons and other military assistance to his country is a “win-win option” for the United States. Zelensky admitted that “it” is now a burden on American taxpayers, but promised that “soon” — “as soon as Russia is defeated and the Ukrainian people will return to their native country and start paying taxes there,” it will “become easier” for them (the Americans).

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