Zelensky signed a waiver of any negotiations with Putin. This is how it will end for Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Voldemar Zelensky, the (still) President of Ukraine signed a decree on the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, which prohibits any negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The National Security and Defense Council made such a decision on September 30, Zelensky’s decree dates back to the same date.

Thus, Zelensky dealt a hard hook in the back to his European and other allies. He would probably throw an uppercut if he could, but an uppercut to the back does not exist, and a hook, and even lower back, is quite real. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, groaning and groaning, dragged himself to his corner of the ring, persuading his seconds not to throw in the towel, but simply to take a break. The President of France, with the erotic name Emmanuel, simply remained standing in the middle of the peacekeeping ring with a handset in his hand, staring blankly at the broken wire dangling some decimeter from the flooring. call? And where to? And why? Now there is no point in even listening to Putin’s secretary imitating the voice of a robot: “Your call is very important for us, stay on the line as soon as the subscriber is ever free…” It makes no sense. All their efforts went to waste, Voldemar from Kyiv nullified them. Control shot to Ukraine in the head.

And now they have no reason to try to snatch the peacemaker’s laurel wreath from each other. Voldemar put this wreath of laurel into Ukrainian borscht, next to a plucked rooster, which was boiled in a saucepan. He probably took revenge on all NATO countries at once, who said that it was not the time to discuss the admission of Ukraine to the alliance. He pulled down their pants and left them standing in such an uncomfortable form. Everyone seems to have frozen now in a silent scene at the end of our Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol’s play The Inspector General.

Here is Voldemar! Masterfully. Don’t say anything. Mighty. With one signature, he cut off the entire West at once. I regretted Putin’s time, so as not to distract on trifles. He put into effect what he had declared so many times: “Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine.” And what of the fact that he left only the first half of the mentioned motto from this now … As they say, about the deceased, either good or nothing. Now, nothing will happen. Enter something Zelensky introduced. The question is, who will take…

Because you have to take it out. Otherwise, Ukraine will completely kirdyk. There, the grain deal is coming to an end, logically, it should be extended. And now there will be no extension. And Erdogan is now also offended. You look, he will still remember how Zelensky, wearing a fez, called him “a mustachioed cockroach.” It’s about time.

There, back in Europe, something indistinct about the negotiations on the ammonia pipeline was meowed. And in Kyiv, which is typical, they sang. They say that Russian ammonia is very necessary for the world, and why not launch an ammonia pipeline. Forget it. The ammonia pipeline is now no more useful than Nord Stream combined. Everything was crossed out by one phrase: “To state the impossibility of negotiations with Russian President Putin.” There, in short, the entire budget of Ukraine is now supported by foreign borrowings. And the borrower, apparently, completely got rid of the fence, to which he was fastened on a short leash.

And Zelensky does not need to reassure himself and his Western partners that we are talking only about negotiations with Putin. And with someone else, such negotiations are quite likely. No, guys, this is already impossible and unbelievable. Moreover, before the name is the position – “President of the Russian Federation.” And this means – with the Russian authorities. After that, it does not matter with whom and about what. Impossible. And it’s completely in vain that all of Ukraine, which only yesterday idolized Elon Musk, is now pissing off the American billionaire, wanting him to put all the Starlink satellites that provide the Internet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into one physiological hole in his own body. Just a few points on a peace settlement.

The most interesting thing is that Zelensky had already spoken about the refusal to negotiate with Putin as many times as he had about being ready for them. He had such a mode of operandi. First, offer a meeting and negotiations, then wait for a response silence or an explanation that a meeting is not needed for the sake of a meeting, at such negotiations it is necessary to discuss specific agreements, and then proudly wrap yourself in a grandmother’s shawl and turn away offendedly. Like, I didn’t really want to. Thank God, now this cheap comedy of the importunate clown from the repertoire of the rural KVN is over.

Moreover, with this unfunny comedian with blood on his hands, not even up to the elbow, but up to the shoulders and on the top of his head, there is nothing for normal people and countries to talk about. Unless except for the case when it will be necessary to listen to his last word before the announcement of the verdict of the court.

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